Kickstarting a new brand

After selling its automotive garage, a company that wanted to specialise in electric vehicle sales approached us for branding and marketing advice and support.

We mapped out its objectives and identified its audience and recommended a tailored approach to launch its new business.

The company was immediately onboard with our way of thinking. To action our recommendations, we hosted a brand workshop, developed a brand and identify that defined its core value proposition, created a new website that incorporated targeted user experience features, held a launch event and developed a content marketing strategy. As part of this we produced varied, rich content across a variety of formats and pushed it through the social media channels that its target audience used, delivering against expected outcomes.  

We identified UK government funding schemes and start-up support that the business could utilise to maximise its consumer awareness campaign around the benefits of electric vehicles.

We love our Electric Zoo brand and everyone we show it to says the same!

Lash Saranna,
Electric Zoo


More detail?

For the full story on how we supported Electric Zoo, give us a call on 01926 422002, or drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll send you the full case study.

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