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Converting online visitors into sales.


See how we enhanced the go to marketing sales approach and customer experience.

Converting online visitors into sales.

AIG wanted to know more about their customers experience when purchasing an insurance product through their digital channels. We were chosen to carry out a series of user tests to determine the best route for converting visitors into sales. 

We used focus groups, user testing in the lab, behavioural science based evidence and anecdotal findings gathered from desk based research to build a picture of customer buying patterns and behaviours. 

We looked closely at customer pain and biases in buying life and health insurance online. We then set about creating customer journeys for the different personas on our white boards. This enabled us to visualise every possible route – including happy and sad paths, red routes and potential up sell and cross sell opportunities.

Our creative team then jumped in to create hi-fis that could be used to test our ideas on customers, and later developed in an Umbraco solution.

A fully functional hi-fi prototype was created in Axure to emulate an actual sales journey. Although this could be seen as excessive, we believe that it saved hundreds of hours of development time later. Back to the lab we went. We spent three days with lots of different customer types and when we left – we knew that our thinking was spot on.

With our ideas validated we could begin to refine the creative for the final website.

User testing with hi-fi prototype

Hi-fi designs

User testing with hi-fi prototype

AIG website

Yorkshire Bank website

Bupa website

Testimonial & performance

Our tests and reports were so successful, AIG) now regularly implements user testing to validate its products and sites before launch.

Team AIG

Conversions +326% Increase
Better understanding +36% Buying patterns
Customer satisfaction +267% Positive NPS


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